Saturday, August 14, 2010

August Update.

We have 2 new albums coming out, one from Njiqahdda and one from Oaks Of Bethel. They are albums meant to compliment each other. You can buy both or the special package deal (which includes a book about the release) at EEE Recordings. Here are 2 video samples of the tracks from the Njiqahdda record. These are the demo/rough mixes, not the final mixes.

Also, the original release date for these albums was August 17th, but has now been pushed back to the 31st. We apologize for the date change, but are positive it will be worth the wait.

Track 1 - Alansarra Ven Sakmaat

Track 2 - Sutuu Isi Naatamaan Vestu Aalgiie

Purchase albums here.