Saturday, March 19, 2011


Hello there. Two things, first off we have another interview up at The Inarguable;

Second, our studio computer managed to hit the skids during a recording session last evening. From what we can tell, in its current state, it is beyond repair. We are not usually the kind of people to ask for help with anything, but in this case, we have no option. Either through buying more stuff at EEE or simply providing a donation (one cent or one hundred dollars, either way we would be incredibly grateful), any help you can provide us would be of the utmost appreciation. We can say this for sure; anyone who helps will not go unrewarded, one way or another we will repay your good deed to us.

If donating, please send funds to via Paypal (please note that it is a donation) or simply go to the EEE site and buy some albums.

Thank you to anyone in advance who helps us out with this.