Thursday, May 5, 2011


First off, we will speak briefly of the hysteria surrounding the whole Osama Bin Laden murder. I know people do not come to Njiijn Arts for politics and/or news, but this is our blog, so deal with it.

Simply put; we call BS on the whole Bin Laden thing. Not that its doubtful that American military forces could take him out in that manner, but everything surrounding it screams 'lie'. Economy = bad, public opinion of Obama = bad, public opinion of America = bad, no photographic evidence for public consumption of death, etc...what can we do to boost morale? Lie about the death of a radical religious scum-bucket. We do not buy it at all.

On to more musical things...we have 2 new (as far as we know, the ONLY) reviews of the newest Njiqahdda and Oaks of Bethel releases. Very well done and published by a killer review website. Be sure to check it out for tons of reviews of new music.

Oaks of Bethel
Don't Count On It Reviews