Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hey hey, back again to the pit of Nji...

So as promised, here is ye ol' update:

1) Agni Yoga orders have been almost completely shipped and seem to be getting very good responses from our listeners. Thank you for not only ordering, supporting, but also for keeping an open mind. The first review for the album is in and looks pretty good from what we can tell:

Thanks to Ian and DCOIR for the kind words and support.

2) :Lerus: is coming out soon. This was a strange moment for us, considering a good friend of ours decided it was best to take his own life and in that, his departure created life in the form of art. This release is completely dedicated to his life and memory. It also contains the only Nji song we have ever created that we almost cannot listen to because of the emotional impact on us. Strange to admit this, but its true.

3) A ton of re-issues are coming, we had no idea that these albums had been out of print as long as they had, so after numerous requests, we will be bringing them back into print.

There will be more info coming soon, sooner than last time anyway. Stay tuned, we have much to discuss...