Sunday, March 28, 2010

New albums available for order/pre-order at EEE.

Njiijn - Antas Velutii

Brand new full-length release from Njiijn. 48 minutes of guitar drone, dark ambient, field recordings and black noise. Njiijn has created a sonic journey through negative space on this album; every moment is filled with startling nuances of sound that all come together into one blistering wall of audio terror.

Njiqahdda - Forr Saantae EP

Brand-new 30 minute EP from Njiqahdda. Crushingly slow and atmospheric doom-y black metal interspersed with ambiance, field recordings and tribal percussion. A bit different than a lot of their latest output, but no less intense.

Njiqahdda - Divisionals

The brand new album from this psychedelic black metal duo. Divisionals takes over where Yrg Alms had begun to wander. Lengthy, complex, technical, melodic and hypnotic; Divisionals marks a new era in the Njiqahdda catalog. Not to be missed for fans of this prolific act.

This is the single-disc EEE version of the album, the super limited-edition 2-disc version will be available via Dungeons Deep Records.

Ordering possible at EEE Recordings;