Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Re-issue & new material.

The final piece of the Njiqahdda re-issue series is out. You can get it at EEE Recordings (

Njiijn - Tys Lysaj Ani Loparuu

The long awaited reissue of this 2008 full-length album. Originally limited to 150 copies on Njiijn Arts, this repressing is unlimited and comes with all new artwork. Drone, dark ambient and noise all combine and weave amongst each other on this release. This album does a wonderful job of creating an otherworldly atmosphere for the listener. One of tranquility, dissonance, majesty and archaic dreamworlds.


We are also working on a new EP. This EP will have 2 songs and will come with a small manuscript/booklet (approx. 30 pages) explaining the concept of the recording.